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Data Analytics

Data should work for your organization and provide the actionable insights you need to help improve your business decision-making and data-driven operations. We have a proven track record, of extracting valuable information from organizations' data and offering actionable insights. verrodata empowers your data-driven growth by helping you overcome your data analysis and utilization challenges.

Tools we serve..

A/B Testing & Personalization

A/B testing allows individuals, teams and companies to make careful changes to their user experiences while collecting data on the results. This allows them to construct hypotheses and to learn why certain elements of their experiences impact user behavior. In another way, they can be proven wrong—their opinion about the best experience for a given goal can be proven wrong through an A/B test. More than just answering a one-off question or settling a disagreement, A/B testing can be used to continually improve a given experience or improve a single goal like conversion rate over time.

Data Collection

It's vital to adopt best practices when designing and implementing a data layer for custom, or even off-the-shelf, analytics. We provide hands-on support and practical advice for modifying your data layer – guaranteeing reliable data collection in the process. Our goal is to boost your organization's self-sufficiency when it comes to data collection. We do so by using a Solution Design Reference (SDR) – compatible with agile development methods – and including your specific add-ons in the analytics mix. This enables your development teams to incorporate data collections as part of their development sprints.

Campaign Tracking & Attribution

Beat your own revenue targets. With the attribution of marketing campaigns, you're able to truly understand the effectiveness of your channels. We'll help to get you into the right setup. With the right attribution models, it is easy to make sense of your marketing data, assess each channel’s effectiveness, and allocate your marketing budget efficiently.

Manage & Govern (CDPs)

Data flows throughout your organization, providing insights and serving as input to your automated systems. Managing this data is a challenge. It falls into several domains of expertise, as well as requiring well-defined and integrated governance policies. We have data architects and management consultants who specialize in helping organizations manage and govern their data operations. verrodata empowers your data-driven growth by helping you overcome your data management and governance challenges.

Data Visualization

Visualizing data improves the acceptance, adoption, and application of data throughout your organization. Continuously improving your approach to data visualization also ensures that your reporting and dashboards retain their value and relevance. We provide hands-on support and practical advice for visualizing your data.

Data Quality

Bad data can have significant business consequences for companies. Poor-quality data is often pegged as the source of operational snafus, inaccurate analytics and ill-conceived business strategies. Examples of the economic damage that data quality problems can cause include added expenses when products are shipped to the wrong customer addresses, lost sales opportunities because of erroneous or incomplete customer records, and fines for improper financial or regulatory compliance reporting.